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Waste Plastic Bottle Recycling

Waste Plastic Bottle Recycling

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Despite the convenience of disposable plastic bottles, they are not biodegradable, and when carelessly disposed of, will not degrade and add to environmental pollution, leading to an increase in demand for an efficient, environmentally disposal or recycling process for waste plastic bottles.

One of the best handling methods is recycling plastic bottles and turning them into new plastic pellets used in an array of other applications. In doing so, we not only work toward protecting our environment but also found a way to profit off what would otherwise be useless waste.

We provide complete plastic recycling lines for pulverizing, washing, drying, and pelletizing of waste plastic bottles. Backed by extensive experience and expertise, we design recycling lines and offer related support equipment for both existing and newly established factories. Our professional technicians will also work with customers to upgrade and optimize current recycling equipment for a higher efficiency and profit.

Our waste plastic bottle recycling lines are found in factories all over the world, including Spain, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Tanzania, and a wealth of other countries.

Recycling process
  • Recycling and washing system
  • Plastic shredder and pulverizer
  • Drying machine
  • Extrusion and pelletizing system

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