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Waste Sorting Plant (Municipal Waste) Solution for sorting municipal waste

Waste Sorting Plant (Municipal Waste) Solution for sorting municipal waste

Municipal waste, also known as household waste, is most often comprised of discarded daily consumables and contains a mixture of wet and dry recyclable materials, organic and inorganic materials, and biodegradable materials.

Our waste sorting plant for municipal waste effectively reclassifies and recycles paper, plastic, metal, glass, and organic material for an efficient waste recycling.

  • After waste sorting is completed by Qunfeng’s sorting plant, the landfill efficiency is significantly increased thanks to management capacity of 5 to 50 tons/hour.
  • Recyclable waste is directly recycled and reused for commercial use, organic waste is screened for anaerobic fermentation or composting, combustible non-recyclables are directly processed into RDF or SRF, and remaining inorganics such as sand and gravel are sent to the landfill, thus achieving a zero-remaining waste management process.
  • We provide different municipal waste sorting plants, including manual sorting plants, semi-automatic sorting plants and automatic sorting plants to meet different customer needs. We also tailor suitable waste management solutions according to both customer and local requirements.
  • As a waste management specialist, Qunfeng provides turnkey solutions for customers, including complete sets of waste equipment as well as training for installation and maintenance.
Related equipment

Self-developed stand-alone equipment is also offered as part of the waste sorting plant. Equipment such as the shredder and optical sorting system are assembled using high-quality accessories, thus meeting customer requirements and saving production costs.


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