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Shredder Solutions for shredding municipal solid waste and industrial waste

Shredder Solutions for shredding municipal solid waste and industrial waste

Our powerful waste shredders are designed and constructed with high-quality materials to quickly and effectively break down bulky waste such as car parts, tires, refrigerators, and more. They can also be used for shredding municipal solid waste and industrial waste composed of hard materials like scrap iron, aluminum, copper, and plastic.


Some waste products are bulky and difficult to transport and process for proper disposal or recycling. Luckily, our shredders are here to provide a way to effectively break down these bulk items for ecological centers, landfills, and all organizations in the field of waste treatment and recycling.

  • Excellent shredding performance for all solid waste types
  • High efficiency and good performance to meet different processing requirements
  • High torque with low revolving speed and minimal fuel consumption
  • The shredder’s cutting blades are produced using a special steel to extend their working lifetime and enhance performance
  • Unique blades maximize the use of upstream sorting facilities
Custom options
  • Size
  • Motor configuration
Recommended models
Primary Shredder
Model TDH1620 DPH1826
Power(kw) 200 250/315
Rotation rate(rpm) 15-40 15-40
Crushing space size(A*B)(mm) 2000*1600 2600*1800
Mainframe size(L*W*H)(mm) 4400*2100*1060 5000*2350*1200
Single Shaft Shredder
Modes SM1300 SM2200 SMH3000 (hydraulic pressure)
Motor power(kw) 90 250 250*2 (hydraulic pressure)
Hydraulic station power 7.5 15 250*2 (hydraulic pressure)
Crushing space size (A*B) (mm) 1300*1600 1535*2200 3000*1500
Mainframe size (L*W*H) (mm) 3450*2530*2570 4380*3000*2450 4750*2850*3330

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