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What are features of mini aluminum can shredder (2)

What are features of mini aluminum can shredder (2) aluminum can shredder Due to material reasons, the equipment has low operating load and low energy consumption, which can save more than 40% of electricity compared to other crusher aluminum can shredder hammer head made of high manganese steel forged hammer material, while the lining plate is forged with Taiwan gold steel die, long service life.The operation of the aluminum can shredder is completely and actively controlled, and the feeder is driven by an alternating current frequency motor. Its rotation speed can be set according to the amount of material crushed by the crusher. The electric control system is equipped with a power inverter to monitor the load of the main motor of the crusher at any time, feedback and actively adjust the feed speed at any time, avoiding overload and low load operation at a large limit, so that the crusher system has been at a higher load. Operating in a state, the economic benefits of lower energy aluminum can shredder is equipped with a hydraulically driven upper cover structure, which greatly facilitates the replacement and maintenance of the hammer liner, the unpacking and maintenance of the equipment, and greatly reduces the wearing parts of the hammer and the lining. The replacement of the structure such as the screen reduces the labor intensity of the workers and improves the utilization rate and work efficiency of the equipment.With the continuous development of the technology of the crusher manufacturer - GEP Machinery, the current capacity of the mini aluminum can shredder is developing towards automation, high-efficiency production, energy saving and emission reduction. GEP Machinery breaks the traditional fixed crushing cavity type and adopts a replaceable custom crushing cavity to make the crushing more targeted. The crushing capacity of the mini aluminum can shredder is also more efficient. Driven by the highly efficient mini aluminum can shredder, the crusher market is gradually moving towards a more sustainable direction.

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