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Used Tire Recycling Introduction

Used Tire Recycling Introduction

Used tires come from discarded auto. Many of them are repurposed as wall, playground and a great material for construction. A tire is composed of rubber, steel(bead) and fiber. To separate these 3 from each other requires a mature recycling technology. In this article, GEP Ecotechexplains how we do it.

The benefit of Tire Recycling

Among the greatest and most problematic sources of waste now, because of the massive quantity generated and their durability. The very same features that make waste tires a waste issue also make them among the very used waste substances. Recycled tire chips may be used to get TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel) that can be a gas used for heating plants and cement stoves or even for equestrian.

Recycling Machine

Tire Recycling System

GEP Ecotechenables you tire recycling options for processing of all kinds of tires; entire vehicle and truck tires such as mining, super singles, ground mover tires, off-the-road tires, etc. We offer heavy duty double shaft shredder to primarily size reduce tires into metal and rubber pieces. The large pieces are further crushed and separated in the succeeding process.

The machine is “multi-size” meaning the dimensions of rubber granulate can be altered by simply changing the screen mesh. During the creation of rubber crumbs, we have flexible and modular design to control the output quality and output size. Using granulator and grinder, you can obtain pure and fine powder.

For tire recycling, the solutions of GEP Ecotechare known to offer the highest manufacturing output quality and versatility as well as highest cost-effective operating expenses.


The final products are highly valuable. Rubber powder could be reused in plastic paved asphalt. The recovered steel may be smelted and compacted like non-recovered steel.

System Features

Capacity200-1000 kg/h
Scope of ApplicationThe diameter of the tire from 400 to 3000mm, including car tire, passage tire, truck tire and OTR tire.
Output Size5-100 mesh, customizable
Characteristic● Complete separation: Crumbs, steel and fibre can be separated automatically.
● Control system: Adopt PLC control system, it is simple and easy to control and maintain● 5 people to operate a Tire recycling (beads) production line with 3000kg/h capacity.
● The installed power of Tire recycling production (beads) line with capacity 3,000kg/h is about 550kw.
Power consumption500+kW
Equipment required areaAbout 400 square meters, 6 meter high max

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