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Medical Waste Shredder Briefing

Medical Waste Shredder Briefing

Industrial shredders are machines useful in reducing the volume of bulky waste such as car, phones, paper materials, tires, refrigerators.  Also they can be seen in processing hazardous items such as medical waste from pharmaceuticals and from hospitals. Medical waste shredder is dedicated for the treatment of hospital waste, characterized by an extreme production capacity and a high level of automation. For this specific purpose, a single shaft shredder or double shaft shredder paired with a disinfection system and conveyor can make up a medical waste management solution.

Single Shaft Shredder

Medical Waste Shredder Composition

The treatment of hospital waste is regulated by a rigid set of rules that determine the sterilization and disposal of potentially contaminated hazardous medical waste. The objective of medical waste treatment is to reduce or eliminate the waste’s hazards, rendering waste unrecognizable and non-hazardous. Through GEP EcotechMedical waste shredder, hospital waste with infectious and dangerous risks are pre-treated by shredding and transported through hermetic stainless steel screw conveyors, until the final shredding and refining of the sterilized product.

The plants for the treatment of hospital waste designed by GEP Ecotechis to work in cold, with a wet heat sterilization process, which is followed by dehydration of the material. This eliminates the need for an incinerator and avoids emissions into the atmosphere, with a considerable environmental advantage. The result is a material that can be used as RDF (waste-derived fuel), and usually Biomedical waste is a very good source of incineration fuel.


The applicable items include sharps, syringes, face masks, IV(intravenous) bottles, gloves, disposal shield, used bandages and infusion kits. Small medical devices, Clinical waste, Pharmaceutical waste, Infectious waste, All types of plastic waste, Latex waste, Waste from syringes.

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