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What Is The Application of Used Tires?

What Is The Application of Used Tires?

Recycling of used tires after smashing has become a new industry hotspot and development trend.A large number of waste tires accumulate land, pollute the environment, endanger health, cause huge resource waste and safety hazards, and the problem of recycling waste tires is urgent.As a manufacturer of advanced intelligent solid waste crushing equipment in China, GEP Machinery provide you with one-stop intelligent waste crushing solution for waste tires. It has established intelligent crushing equipment system production lines for many domestic and foreign environmental protection enterprises and rubber tire resource recycling companies.The following product applications are for your reference
  • 8-20 mesh, mainly used for runways, road cushions, sports pavements, etc.
  • 30-40 mesh, mainly used for reclaimed rubber, paving, producing rubber sheets.
  • 40-60 mesh, mainly used for rubber rubber filling, plastic modification.
  • 60-80 mesh, mainly used in automobile tires, rubber products, building materials.

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