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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Our waste tyre recycling plant can produce rubber particles from waste tires. Then the rubber particles could be used for the construction of asphalt road and plastic track, achieving the goal of recycling resources.

Additionally, our acid-lead battery recycling equipment can retrieve the useful plastic and metal in the batteries, which are potential pollution source for the environment. Besides, the physical contact between hazardous substances and human body will be avoided. So by recycling the waste acid-lead batteries with our battery recycling plant, we are actually protecting the environment, maximizing the economic value of the waste and protecting workers' health.

Since the foundation in 20013, GEP Ecotech has been focusing on "Shredding Machine" and "Recycling Machine" industry. We keep adhering to our development concept, namely Efficient, Economical, Environmental, and striving to provide excellent environmental and recycling machines.

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