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Waste Plastic Film Recycling

Waste Plastic Film Recycling

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How do we recycle PP/PE plastic film?Applications of plastic film

Plastic film is widely used for preservative films, plastic farm films, food package films, and medicine package films. These plastic films offer outstanding convenience to our everyday lives, meeting the needs of millions of users all over the world.

Why should we recycle PP/PE film?

PP/PE film is produced in large quantities every day and is a non-biodegradable material. This means that once discarded, it will not break down into natural materials, and if burned, only pollutes the air.

Because PP/PE film is recyclable, the best way to handle waste PP/PE film is to recycle and reuse it, thus, doing a small part to protect the environment and save resources.

Problems encountered in waste PP/PE film recycling

Most waste PP/PE film is too dirty to directly reuse, so it must be crushed, washed, and dried before being turned into new plastic pellets. However, due to time constraints, it is impossible to wait for the PE/PP film to be dry before recycling, which is why recyclers must use drying equipment during the recycling process.

How does Haosu solve these problems?

Backed by extensive knowledge and experience in recycling solutions and how plastic is made and remade, Haosu will design an entire plastic recycling solution and provide related recycling machines. Our production lines for plastic particles offer a wide array of processing equipment, including pulverizers, washing machines, drying machines, and extrusion pelletizing machines. We also offer auxiliary equipment to enhance both productivity and level of automation, with auxiliary equipment including feeders, elevators, conveyors, and power distribution cabinets.

Recycling process
  • Recycling and washing line
  • Plastic shredder
  • Drying/dewatering equipment
  • Extrusion and pelletizing line

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