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Single-Shaft shredders CASTOR1000

Single-Shaft shredders CASTOR1000

ShredRecycling is a solid waste disposal equipment manufacturer and overall solution provider. Our customers are in waste management, recycling, industrial production, renewable energy, environmental management, destruction and other industries.

ShredRecycling designs and manufactures three types of machines: Size Reduction Equipment (Shredder, Crusher and Grinder), Sorting Equipment, and Conveying Equipment.

ShredRecycling provides crushing, volume reduction, destruction, sorting and recycling equipment for all solid materials. Please fill in the form for information and quotation.

Why Choose ShredRecycling As your Partner

  • Creating good products and satisfying customers is our DNA.
  • Respond quickly to user needs at any time.
  • We take every customer seriously and sincerely help them solve their problems.
  • Profound technical foundation and R&D capabilities.
  • Continuously stable and efficient equipment processing capabilities.
  • Excellent and reliable overall solution design ability.
  • We have continuous high requirements for products.

CASTOR is single shaft shredder designated for shredding of cables, wood, plastics, paper, textile, rubber and similar materials to the grain size from 12 mm. The screen located in bottom of the shredder defines the size of the shredded material.

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