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Single Shaft Shredder for Sale

Single Shaft Shredder for Sale

single-shaft reder with a clamp is designed for shredding and processing of various types of raw materials. The single-shaft shredder is a universal shredder, capable of shredding solid household and bulky waste, can be used directly as an independent shredder crusher or as part of a line for recycling.

single shaft shredder

Recyclable materials

  • Polymers: recycling of hard plastic, sprues, boxes, canisters, bottles, bumpers, PP, PVC, HDPE, PET, big bags.
  • Wood waste: chipboard, fiberboard, MDF, hard and soft wood species, pallets, boxes.
  • Waste paper: magazines, newspapers, archives, packaging, paper tubes, books, cardboard, cardboard sleeves.
  • Rubber: pressed, waste, tires without cord, rubber waste.
  • Food waste: expired products, agricultural products, products in plastic and paper packaging / containers.

ShredRecycling Single-shaft shredder advantages

  • Significantly lower price compared to imported analogues;
  • Application of wear-resistant alloy steels;
  • The possibility of including a single-shaft shredder in the production line, technological process;
  • Complete with different types of conveyors.

Single Shaft Shredder Working Principle

The material for shredding is fed into the loading hopper of the single-shaft shredder manually or mechanically (along the conveyor), after which the raw material is shifted by the press to the knives of the rotating rotor, thus the material is shredded. The crushed material is passed through the mesh of a sieve, which gives a fraction of a given size at the exit.

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