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Waste Tire Recycling Plant

Waste Tire Recycling Plant

The rubber and steel wire in scape tyres are valuable recyclable materials. Rubber can be used to make tyre-derived fuel (TDF) for power stations and cement kilns, to make granules for resilient paving, to make rubber powder for use in asphalt, to crack oil or to make recycled tyres, among many other uses.

ShredRecycling can provide different tire recycling and processing solutions according to different project scales.

  1. Small-scale solution: use GDT series twin-shaft shredder to shred the tyres, the materials that do not meet the size requirements after shredding are sent back by the drum screen for further shredding, those that meet the requirements are sent by the belt conveyor to the steel wire separator to separate the steel wires in the tyres, then the steel wires are removed by the iron remover, and finally the rubber is made into powder or granules (optional) by using the mill or granulator according to the final size requirements.
  2. Large and medium-sized solutions: use a large twin-shaft shredder to pre-shred the tyres, next use a single-shaft shredder to continue processing the rubber into small granules, next separate the steel wires and finally use a mill or granulator to make the rubber to the required size according to requirements (optional).

ShredRecycling designs tyre recycling solutions according to project requirements and we guarantee our customers the highest production quality and flexibility, while reducing energy consumption and production costs.

small tire recyling solution

ShredRecycling's tire recycling production plant can be used for different types of tire processing and recycling, such as automobile tires, engineering vehicle tires, aircraft tires, etc.

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