All of our pet sitters are certified in emergency pet first aid, have a criminal records clearance, and are bonded under our insurance policy.  



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From Elie Manitoba to River Heights in Winnipeg

​​From Elie MB to River Heights in Winnipeg

Pawsitive Pet Care

Providing Professional Pet Care in Manitoba since 2010.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Manitoba


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Pet Sitting Information

Our Service Area

Prior to your first pet-sit service, we will need to arrange a meet and greet.  This is at no cost to you, it is a very important opportunity for us to get to know you and your pets, and for you and your pets to get to know their potential caregiver.  To expedite the process, you can fill out our prospective client form by clicking here


During each pet sitting visit we will check the following:

  • We'll send you a message at the beginning of our first visit to let you know we have arrived 

  • Each visit we will ensure all pets have fresh water
  • We will feed all pets per client instructions 
  • If required, we can administer medications as per your veterinarian’s instructions
  • If you have cats, we will scoop litter boxes each visit
  • We will take dogs out to potty and take them for a walk each visit
  • If there are shy pets that are hiding, we will always try to at least get an eye on them to give them a quick once over and ensure they are okay
  • We will watch the pets as they move, play, eat, drink, etc. to ensure they appear in good health and notify clients of any concerns or unusual changes in behaviour

  • If you wish, we can send regular updates with pictures of your pets, we know you'll miss them! 

  • At the end of each visit we will do a quick walk-around the home to ensure everything is tidy and secure.   
  • We will follow any instructions provided regarding setting alarms and locking up before we leave.  

We work as a team, so if your pet sitter becomes ill or unable to work, we have other pet sitters who can help cover for them.  

We are insured & bonded and certified in Emergency Pet First Aid.

Pawsitive Pet Care has been providing pet care in Manitoba since 2010.   

All pet sitters are reference-checked and have a clear criminal records check.

References available upon request.  

All prices include GST.

Please note that there are additional charges on statutory holidays.

Prior to booking a service, please be aware of our cancellation policies.  

Please feel free to contact Jillian with any questions.  

You can also read Jillian's Blog Post on Choosing the Pet Sitting Service that's right for you.  

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​​​​Cat & Critter Sitting 

Daily cat & critter care                                                   ... $19.75/visit

Two daily cat & critter care visits for one cat    ... $35/day

Daily cat care for 2 or 3 cats                                        ... $25/visit

Two daily cat & critter care visits for 2 cats        ... $40/day

Please also be aware of our cancellation policies & fees prior to booking services.  

Our Pet Sitting Services & Fees

Live-in Pet and House Sitting

One of our pet-sitters will stay in your home while you are away                      ... $72/day                                                                                                                      ($75 per day on statutory holidays) 

This all-inclusive service includes four daily visits, plus sleeping in the home overnight.

Because this service is all-inclusive, there is no additional charge for medication administration, and no additional charge to care for other pets in the same home.  

Drop-in Dog Sitting 

Three daily visits ... $50/day

Four daily visits    ... $65/day

Five daily visits     ... $70/day

Please note that, in order to follow social distancing requirements, we are temporarily attending no new client meetings in person.  We welcome email inquiries, phone calls, or video calls at this time.

Our pet sitting service area extends from the R.M. of Cartier Manitoba to River Heights in Winnipeg.  This includes Headingley, Elie, St. François Xavier, River Heights, Charleswood, Crestview, Unicity, St. James, Westwood, and Tuxedo areas.