All of our pet sitters are certified in emergency pet first aid, have a criminal records clearance, and are bonded under our insurance policy.  



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From Elie Manitoba to River Heights in Winnipeg

​​From Elie MB to River Heights in Winnipeg

Pawsitive Pet Care

Providing Professional Pet Care in Manitoba since 2010.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Manitoba

Prior to any pet-sitting or dog-walking services with a new client, we will always arrange a meet & greet so that you and your pets can become familiar with us and you can show and instruct us on your pet's care needs and routines.  

Pet-sitters stay overnight in the client’s home and provide excellent care for the animals in the home, following all instructions provided by the client/home-owner.

Pet-sitters will check-in at the home at least four times per full pet-sit day:

  • At breakfast before they leave in the morning: refresh water bowls, feed pets breakfast as instructed, and take any dogs out for a short walk.
  • At mid-day visit to check on pets and take any dogs out for a potty break and walk.
  • At dinner to feed pets as instructed and take any dogs for a short walk.
  • Return for the evening for a minimum half-hour visit to provide company and play time for the pets, a bed-time potty break for any that need it, followed by sleeping over.

Unless otherwise specified by the owner, the pet-sitter will give the dog(s) at least one hour of walking and exercise per day (i.e. a 20-minute walk at breakfast, mid-day, and dinner, plus a potty break at bedtime) as well as company, play, stimulation, and cuddles as appropriate for the pet’s preferences and needs.

Cats and other critters in the home will also receive exercise, play, and stimulation per their preferences and needs.  

Pet-sitting includes other duties related to the care of the animals in the home, such as feeding as per the owner’s instructions, administering medication as per a veterinarian’s instructions, cleaning cat litter boxes, and cleaning up after the animals (i.e. scooping the pet waste, washing food and water dishes, or cleaning critter cages).

Pet-sitters will treat the home and the animals as though they were their own and ensure they leave the home as they found it.

Pet-sitters will keep the client/home-owner and/or family updated regularly on how their pet(s) are doing as per their communication preferences (i.e. a daily email summary).  Pawsitive Pet Care is happy to provide a daily picture or video of your pets, and/or a daily update if the client wishes.  

Please contact us with any questions or to arrange a meet & greet. 

Please note that our services book up very quickly, so please make arrangements as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Thank you!

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Live-in Pet-sitting Details

Please be aware of our cancellation policies & fees prior to booking services.  

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