All of our pet sitters are certified in emergency pet first aid, have a criminal records clearance, and are bonded under our insurance policy.  



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From Elie Manitoba to River Heights in Winnipeg

​​From Elie MB to River Heights in Winnipeg

Pawsitive Pet Care

Providing Professional Pet Care in Manitoba since 2010.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Manitoba

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Puppy Checks / Play & Potty Visits:

A half-hour play & potty visit for one puppy      ... $19.75/visit

Two daily half-hour play & potty visits                  ... $35/day

Full Time Dog Walking Services: 

Five half-hour walks per week for one dog        ... $95.05/week

Five half-hour walks per week for two dogs      ... $120/week

Five one-hour walks per week for one dog        ... $128/week
Five one-hour walks per week for two dogs      ... $150/week

Please be aware of our cancellation policies prior to booking services, and feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Dog Walking Information

Thank you for choosing Pawsitive Pet Care and for entrusting us to care for and walk your special furry family member.  It is our pleasure to provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable walk.  To ensure you receive the best service possible, please take a moment to review the information below.  Please also be aware of our cancellation policies prior to booking services.  

First and foremost, your dog walker is there for your dog to have fun, get some exercise, and be safe.  All of our dog walkers are bonded under our insurance and are certified in emergency pet first aid.  

  • All pets must be up to date on vaccinations according to your pet's veterinarian.  
  • Please ensure your dog has ID tags with an up-to-date name and phone number, as well as rabies vaccine tag and any license tags required by your city or municipality.  Owners are responsible for any fines if the dog is found without a required license.  
  • Please ensure the dog has a properly-fitting collar.  The collar should not be able to slip on and off over the dogs head as this means it is loose enough for the dog to back out of it.  The collar should be tightened so that you can comfortably slide 2 or 3 fingers underneath it.  
  • Please provide a regular, 6-foot nylon leash, or let us know if you do not have one and we will supply one of our own.  While retractable leashes are tempting as they give the dog more room to roam and explore, they can be dangerous and make it very difficult to control the dog should your dog-walker encounter an unexpected situation, such as an off-leash dog or a cyclist trying to pass on a narrow path.  Similarly, if the leash is too short, this prevents the dog from sniffing and getting the most enjoyment out of his walk.  
  • Be up-front and honest about your dog's health and behaviour.  Dog-walkers often walk many dogs in a day, so it is very important you let them know if your dog has anything that could be contagious.  You may need to cancel that day's walk, or your dog-walker may need to bring a change of clothes so as not to spread any illness to other dogs.  Your dog's health and safety are the first priority.
  • Please don't be afraid to tell your dog-walker if your dog is reactive or has a challenging behaviour you are working with.  We are experienced in walking dogs of all shapes and sizes and with various challenging behaviours.  Knowledge will help your dog-walker be well prepared and keep everyone safe.  
  • If your dog pulls on leash, please provide a properly fitted head-collar or anti-pull harness.  Your dog-walker wants your dog to enjoy his walk, not to be choking himself trying to pull his way down the street.  Please feel free to ask us for help if you are unsure as to what is the best tool for your dog or if you need help fitting the collar.  

Our Policies

  • Pawsitive Pet Care will not use choke, prong, or shock collars, or anything that causes your dog pain or fear.  Our goal is to ensure the walks are enjoyable.  If you need assistance with pulling, reactivity, or any challenging behaviour, feel free to contact Jillian for a private training consult or referral to a group class.  
  • The policy of Pawsitive Pet Care is to shorten walks to 20 minutes or less if the weather reaches colder than -35◦C with the wind chill, or higher than +35◦C with the humidity index.
  • Please provide as much notice as possible for any cancellations or schedule changes.  If less than one business day’s notice is given, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.  There is no charge for changes with more than 24 hours’ notice during office hours, more detailed information can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please ask.  Your dog-walker is there for your peace of mind and for your dog's enjoyment.  If you are ever unsure of anything or have any suggestions, please contact Jillian at, she is there to help and ensure everything is to your satisfaction. 

In the event that Jillian is out of town one of our staff members will be assigned to monitor our office email at  If you are unable to reach Jillian directly, please feel free to contact the office or your pet care provider directly using [theirfirstname] 

Please note that our office hours are 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday and that messages will only be returned during those hours, unless we are providing an evening or weekend service for you, in which case we are happy to provide updates as to how your pet is doing.   You are welcome to text or call your pet care provider directly during work hours, but please use our email address for any after-hours contacts and your message will be returned the next business day.  Our office is closed statutory holidays, but we do provide pre-arranged pet care 24/7.  We book up very quickly, so please contact us as far in advance as possible to book your pet care.  

Thank you,

Jillian Enright, CPDT-KA

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Our Service Area

Our Dog Walking Services

Our dog walking service area extends from the R.M. of Cartier Manitoba to River Heights in Winnipeg.  This includes Headingley, Elie, St. François Xavier, River Heights, Charleswood, Crestview, Unicity, St. James, Westwood, and Tuxedo areas.

Dog Visits and Walking Fees:

A half-hour visit/walk for one dog      ... $20 

A half-hour visit/walk for two dogs    ... $25 

A one-hour visit/walk for one dog      ... $28.50 

A one-hour visit/walk for two dogs    ... $32

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